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My Favorite Posts from Other Blogs

Every once in awhile, I post a list of blog posts that have caught my attention and I usually title these "Apple of My Eye". I use the flagging feature in NetNewsWire to cull posts that interest me. Aren't I original? Anyway, I thought I'd add on to Cool Cat's idea for listing our most popular blog entries by post my favorite posts from other people's blogs. If you decided to do this, tag your list the following tag: othertop10eduposts. This will be an interesting experiment and hopefully it will turn other bloggers on to new material. I know I am always looking for new sources of information.

So here goes, again in no particular order:

1) TED Blog: The Year of Thinking Dangerously

2) TED Blog: Meanwhile in Africa...

Examples of innovation inspire via the TED blog.

3) Creating Passionate Users: Crash Course in Learning Theory

Via Will Richardson awhile back... this is now one of my favorite blogs.

4) Official Google Blog: I'm Feeling Silly

Nothing to do with education, but I like how this post speaks to the working environment at Google. I am intrigued by examples of innovation and creativity in the workplace.

5) KrazyDad: Wacky Collages a>

Again, nothing to do with education really, but this post brought back childhood memories!

6) Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen Aesthetic

I first used this post with students to discuss effective presentation design. It's a classic.

7) The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Iconic Mosaic of Steve Jobs

Another wierd thing I found out there...

8) Lifehacker: How To Use RSS in 23 Steps

The world needs to know about RSS!

9) Spiral Notebook: Favorite Web Sites for Educators

Edutopia rocks. Trust me.

10) PEP Tech Talk: Things Have Changed

I can't recall the reference to this posting, but it's great food for thought.