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NPR : This I Believe

Link: NPR : This I Believe.

I have the CD set of This I Believe essays, and this project inspired me to incorporate this into a workshop. I had the best time this week, working with area independent school teachers on learning about the latest and greatest in educational technology. This group really got along well, and I enjoyed hearing their stories and learning about their schools.

Anyway, the assignment was to use built-in iSight cameras to make movies using the This I Believe motif. We changed it up a bit to create topics such as This I Believe about Reading, This I Belief About Physical Education, etc. Teachers moved from computer to computer adding video statements to each group's project. The workshop participants seemed to have fun with this and they clearly felt passionate about the topics we covered. The resulting videos are posted in Teacher Tube (I still have to add one that I left at school on a portable hard drive) and I am so pleased with the results. The audio is something we needed to work on, though, as we had to compete with a lot of background chatter. We were all having so much fun!

Take a look!